Pvc tank liner


The problem with water scarcity is not the lack of rainfall, but the lack of consistent rainfall throughout the year. The challenge is to store the rainwater in a good condition so that it can be used later for drinking, irrigation, construction, agriculture, fire suppression, agriculture farming, chemical manufacturing, for plants and livestock, food preparation or any other purpose. That is why R.S. Polymers starts with the very essential core i.e WATER STORAGE.

We are able to manufacture tank liners with storage capacity of 4 million gallons. Liners shall be fabricated with different materials available with us.

Our Tank Liners (Tailored Fit) are widely used in:-

  • Water Tanks
  • Industrial Tanks
  • Storm Water Tanks
  • Chemical & Cement Tanks
  • Petroleum And Oils Storage Tanks
  • Fertilizers Tanks
  • Molasses Tanks
  • Agricultural and Rural Tanks
  • Milk and Eateries Storage Tanks