Hdpe Geomembrane


R.S. Polymers R.S. Polymers Geomembrane for landfill lining solution …
Featuring superior impermeability, tensile strength and strong resistance to puncture, environmental stress crack and UV radiation, R.S. Polymers Geomembrane provides a long-term solution to the landfill containment. R.S. Polymers Geomembrane is available in smooth finishes to utilize the friction advantage for slope lining. In addition to standard black, coloured geomembrane is also available for easy damage detection and UV reflection.

R.S. Polymers Geomembrane for aquaculture pond, canal and water containment
Water conservation is one of the most important issues in the 21st century. Polyethylene’s safe, nontoxic properties make R.S. Polymers Geomembrane an ideal lining material for aquaculture pond, canal and water containment applications.


Blended with premium polyethylene resin, adequate carbon black and antioxidant, R.S. Polymers Geomembrane is resistant to the UV radiation under an exposed environment in the long term.

Product Specifications