Fumigation cover


India is one of the world’s major grain and rice producing nations. Throughout the country during the annual harvest, grains is accumulated and stored temporarily in a network of grain handling depots operated by various government companies and co –operatives.

We pioneer in manufacturing customized size Grain/Fumigation covers to protect and preserve them from rain, dust, pests, contamination. Our covers helps in retaining the gases / fumigants within for longer period of time, thereby protecting the crop against pests.

Agricultural products are affected from the change in environment. To protect the food grains and cereals superior quality of polythene sheets are used in a cover form shape and for the same fumigation is done to kill the pest. Our fumigation cover is used to provide safety to the wide gamut of agricultural products from rain, water, dust, heat and insecticides. However we take customization fumigation covers order as per their specifications of clients.
Unique Feature

  • Customized measurement and size
  • U.V. Stabilized
  • Non porous for efficient fumigation
  • Heat sealed strong joints for 100% leakproof
  • 100% Waterproof, Rot-Proof & Weatherproof
  • Accidental tear does not expand
  • Strong Aluminum eyelets and adequate Funnel system